Hello! And welcome to FarmSkinny. My name is Lauren, and I am a mommy to two beautiful children and a wife to my wonderful husband. My husband is a "farmer" and has grown up working on his family's generational farm. He is now a partner with his father, and together over the last several years, they have built up their Farm and business tremendously. I am very proud of him! 

My ultimate passion is for fashion, graduating in 2008 from The Ohio State University, with a degree  in Fashion Merchandising and Buying. I have worked as a Buyer and a Visual Merchandiser in California and several other experiences in Columbus, OH in visuals and managerial experiences. I have also discovered my passion for cooking, nutrition, and fitness. These play a very large role of my everyday life. 

Farm actually stands for (F)ashion, (A)athletics, (R)ecipes, and (M)ommy. You can expect to see posts about MY own recipes (mostly) paleo, and other posts from my fitness life, and of course my passion for FASHION! I hope you visit often and enjoy!! 


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Lauren Smith